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The project is designed to be comprised of a Network of 8 European Universities, their Research Centres / Institutions and Jean Monnet Chairs / Centers and contributes to information gathering, practice exchange, knowledge building, promotion of European integration process across the world, and the enhancement of existing networks by supporting specific activities and fostering the participation of young researchers in EU-related themes. All partner Universities have great experience in the field of European issues and have developed actions and projects in the framework of European Governance and Integration.

The GovUnet consists of the following institutions:

  • University of Aegean, Chair Jean Monnet (Coordinator).
  • University of Piraeus, Jean Monnet Project.
  • University of Cadiz, Chair Jean Monnet.
  • University of Siegen, Chair ad Personam Jean Monnet.
  • University of Cluj, Faculty of European Studies.
  • Université Catholique de Louvain, Institute of European Studies.
  • University of Luxembourg, Chair in Parliamentary Studies.
  • Panteion Univeristy of Social and Political Studies, Department of International, European and Regional Studies.

The program is supervised by the following academics:

  • Prof. Panagiotis Grigoriou
  • Dr. Foteini Asderaki
  • Prof. Alejandro Del Valle Galvez
  • Prof. Raphaela Averkorn
  • Dr. Sergiu Miscoiu
  • Prof. Pierre Vercauteren
  • Prof. Philippe Poirier
  • Dr. Maria Daniella Marouda

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